Cathay Associates Led High-Profile Road Show in China, Grand Opening of Shanghai Office

Cathay Associates and Cathay Associates Kejie completed a successful week of road shows in China. The week-long event consisted of Cathay Associates Kejie and members around Europe leading high-end forums in Beijing and Shanghai, and was crowned by the Grand Opening of the new office of Cathay Associates Kejie in Shanghai.

Members of Cathay Associates at "The Belt & Road & Outbound M&A" forum in Shanghai, May 2016.
Members of Cathay Associates at “The Belt & Road & Outbound M&A” forum in Shanghai, May 2016.

The participating countries (Greece, Poland, Portugal, Belgium and Hungary), along with Beijing-based Cathay Associates Kejie, took part in three seminars in Beijing over the first three days. The events were hosted by: the China Association of Securities; the China Association of Private Equity; and the China Association of Insurance Assets Management; respectively, the road shows consisted of high-profile attendees who have an interest in outbound investment in the context of the OBOR initiative.

For the attendees, the major players and their companies showed a curiosity and need for business intelligence regarding the sorts and challenges and issues Chinese companies should expect to face when going abroad to target markets. Particularly this was an interest in the context of going to the EU, where certain aspects such as merger control, anti-dumping and anti-competition would be expected to play a role in both the ease of doing business and the potential success of their international venture.

The week’s crowning moment was on the final day when Cathay Associates and Cathay Associates Kejie held the grand opening of our Shanghai office, held at the city’s signature 88-story Jinmao Tower, which also holds the Grand Hyatt Shanghai, one of the world’s highest hotels. It was followed by a massive forum entitled, “The Belt & Road & Outbound M&A”, co-organized with Phoenix International Think Tank, a subsidiary of Phoenix TV. The event, which welcomed 200 participants, included such high-profile speakers as former Morgan Stanley China CEO He Ning, executives from top investment and financial companies and distinguished economic scholars from leading Chinese universities.

Moderated by a journalist from Phoenix TV, the Cathay Associates members who took part in the panel discussion–Michael Kijewski from Poland, Joao Saude from Portugal, Michael Tsibris from Greece and Rupert Varnai from Hungary–spoke about how Chinese outbound investment is viewed in their country from a number of perspectives: personal experiences, how Chinese investment is perceived socially and politically, whether or not the migrant crisis is having an impact on incoming foreign investment, whether nationalistic or extremist political movements have led to a hostile perception of Chinese investment, as well as other issues which could have an impact on Chinese business activity in the EU. In addition, Ms. Cao Lei, partner of Cathay Associates Kejie, made a key speech concerning legal issues and practical issues on Chinese outbound investment.

Following the panel discussions, each Cathay participant was interviewed for Phoenix TV. The event was capped off by a party at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai, which included music and entertainment for a large guest list.

Cathay Associates will continue to capitalize off this great deal of momentum through a continuation of our worldwide expansion and with another road show to be held in China this July.

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