Cathay Associates Istanbul Displays Expertise in M&A Deals

The Cathay Associates member in Istanbul Turkey, Kolcuoğlu Demirkan Koçaklı, published an article titled “Representations and Warranties Insurance in M&A Deals”. The article, which appeared in International Law Office, a legal newsletter that provides expert commentary, focuses on a challenging stage of M&A deals: as buyers try to identity potential risks during its diligence review, time consuming and challenging issues arise, creating delays in deals.

Authored by Bihter Bozbay or Mert Bülbül, the contribution further showcases that Cathay Associate Istanbul is a leading law firm and expert in Turkey, especially relating to cross-border transactions. The article hones in on the emerging importance of M&A insurance, as well as representations and warranties insurance, as an alternative option for both sellers and buyers.

To read the article by one of Turkey’s highest-rated firms, please click here. To inquire with the Cathay Associates member in Istabul, please visit their office page.

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