Kyiv Member Demonstrates Expertise, Explains Changes in Ukrainian Currency Restrictions

In June, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) made a series of changes, cancelling the two-year old currency restrictions in the country. The changes can be expected to effect the way in which many investors, both foreign and domestic, operate in and out of Ukraine.

The Cathay Associates member in Kyiv, Ukraine, Vasil Kisil & Partners, one of Ukraine’s most recognized law firms, explains what exactly was changed and what the NBU now allows.

The article was written by Anna Sisetska, counsel, and Tetiana Havryliuk, an associate at the firm. The authors give both an overview and explain the details of this new currency climate and why this means investors may feel more free and confident in Ukraine.

To read the article by one of Ukraine’s highest-rated firms, please click here. To inquire with the Cathay Associates member in Kyiv, please visit their office page.

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