The Cathay Associates network member in San José, Costa Rica:

Established: 2001

Staff: 75

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement,  and success have no meaning.”

— Benjamin Franklin

GONZALEZ – URIBE is a leading law firm in Costa Rica. Expertise and flexibility of its lawyers allow the firm to provide high-quality legal services in the areas of Corporate law, Banking and Securities, Intellectual Property, Environmental law and Impact, Litigation, Real Estate, and Tax. Relying on innovation, technologies and personal relations with the client, GONZALEZ – URIBE generates an effective and clear-cut solution to any complex legal problem it encounters.


  • M&A Corporate and commercial:

Structuring of several Central American acquisitions for a global pharmaceutical company

  • Tax:

Structuring of several family funds for wealthy individuals in Costa Rica

  • Intellectual Property:

Successful defense of the Government of Chile in its case on the Pisco geographical indication and defense of the Confusion Institute of Costa Rica on its defense of trademark infringement

  • The firm has also provided full-scale legal services to numerous banks and investment firms:

BMW Costa Rica

KTM Costa Rica

HSBC Costa Rica

Banco Davivienda

Century 21



Luis Javier Uribe

Managing Partner

Carlos González

Senior Partner

Javier León

Senior Partner


Gonzalez-Uribe is a multidisciplinary team of professionals, providing preventive advice and innovative, highly personalized and practical solutions. We do our job with professional quality, intensive use of technology and strict ethics. Gonzalez-Uribe is recognized as one-stop-shop for a comprehensive legal service in the national business environment.

For years we have maintained a strong presence in the country’s financial setting. Our firm’s corporate department has stood out with its assessment in complex negotiations and in the implementation of consolidation, merger and corporate break-up processes of companies within the Central American area. We are a leading law firm in the incorporation of trusts. Gonzalez-Uribe was the first firm in Costa Rica in providing on-line corporate services. Additionally, we have a leading tax division in the region, our intellectual property department is extremely experienced on international legislation for registration of intellectual property, and we are pioneers in the field of alternative dispute resolution in Central America.


  • Environmental Law

González-Uribe developed software which researches environmental risk and synthesizes the requirements demanded by those companies that wish to obtain credits before the national banking system. The environmental department has ample experience in obtaining environmental permits for projects of great span and has defended indictment cases due to environmental damage.

Due to our research carried out on environmental impact, several of our clients have protected their investment and strengthened their image with the community, authorities and activist groups.

One of our most successful experiences was the filing of operating permits for the only two outdoor mines in Costa Rica.

  • Real Estate Services

We have a division devoted to the skilled practice of carrying out complex real estate deals and providing detailed attention to a considerable volume of real estate related transactions.

Our real estate department has provided our clients multidisciplinary assessment in planning, developing and implementing complete condominium property processes within those developments.



Oficentro ejecutivo La Sabana, Building 6, 5th floor, San José, Costa Rica

+ 506 22317060


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