The Cathay Associates network member in Santiago, Chile:
Ovalle y Cía

Established: 1965

Staff: 34

“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” 

― Roy T. Bennett

Ovalle y Cía. is a law firm founded more than 50 years ago by Jorge Ovalle Quiroz, which nowadays hosts a group of lawyers vastly experienced in business law, committed to fulfilling the requirements of their clients.

The services provided by Ovalle y Cía. stand out for the commitment of its lawyers with the goals of each client and their concern for maintaining a thorough knowledge of their commercial activities in order to design proposals that fit these goals adequately.


Best Lawyers 2013 – Litigation

Best Lawyers 2018 – Litigation


The law firm has over 50 years of experience, among our clients we mainly focus in medium sized companies with local or foreign investors.They have participated in relevant transactions and M&As on both sides of the table. 


Álvaro Parra P.



Ovalle y Compañía is a law firm founded 52 years ago by Jorge Ovalle Quiroz, prominent constitutionalist lawyer.

The intellectual rigor and experience of the founder have been transferred to Ovalle y Compañía, which currently employs 24 lawyers, all of them educated in the most prestigious universities in the country and dedicated to provide consulting for different companies in the most important legal areas.

The experience they have acquired over these past 52 years of life, has allowed them to bestow the office and the work performed by the lawyers with characteristics and a style.

Currently, Ovalle y Compañía offers representation in the cities of Santiago and Puerto Montt, with a level of specialization in the services, that allows us to tackle most of the legal requirements inherent to the operations of a company.

After amassing experience and knowledge in their practice of Regulatory and Insurance Law, they have created a new area of legal services aimed at consulting for their clients in matters of Tender Processes, with a dual approach: on the one hand, supporting those who participate in auctions called by the public administration, and, on the other, managing the processes to acquire supplies by the companies, in order to make them more professional and to streamline the results.


  • Tax
  • Insurance
  • Corporate
  • Labor
  • Contracts
  • Civil litigation



Cerro El Plomo 5420, office 903, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

(+56) 2 2577 9000

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