The Cathay Associates network member in Tehran, Iran:
Afarin Law Firm

Established: 2001

Staff: 10

“Anyone who genuinely and consistently with both hands looks for something will find it.”

— Rumi

The Cathay Associates member in Iran, Afarin Law Firm, consists of one of the most versatile and accessible team of Iranian lawyers. This is why the Iran-based firm opened up internationally and created a completely new breed of legal consultancy unlike any other in the country.


Dr Siamak Goudarzi

Managing Partner


Cathay Associates in Tehran, Afarin Law Firm, is led by international lawyers with many years of practicing law in Iran. As well as specializing in all matters relating to international business in Iran, we introduce investment opportunities to foreign companies, and assist them in perusing their business ambitions in Iran. We are proud that a large number of leading domestic and foreign corporations have entrusted us with their different cases during past years.


Dr. Siamak Goudarzi leads this international consulting group that serves  businesses make lasting improvements to their expansion and realize their most important goals. Over the years, he built a group uniquely equipped to this task. Having been living abroad, and  speaking fluent English, he understand western culture and the expectation of western clients in terms of communication, costumer care, customer service, and most importantly delivering the promised service in a timely manner. Dr. Goudarzi is very well aware of all the market trends, Iranian business culture, administration and bureaucratic systems, and how best every clients must be served. Our experience, along with our local and international network, is very well utilized to move fast in a period when time matters more.


  • Open Iran Group

The Open Iran Group is operated by AfarinLaw Firm in Iran. Our aim is to provide opportunities for Iranian companies with scope for global growth to expand beyond their borders and into the Iranian market. Open Iran is formed to cater for the needs of international companies and their local counterparts.


  • Market Entry Advice and Services

We concentrate on serving foreign companies and assisting them in many aspects of their quest in investing in Iran. Afarin Law Firm, combined with the business services of Open Iran is one of the main points of reference to foreign companies and their Iranian counterpart. We help foreign companies from A to Z, when investing in Iran, companies must make sure that legally they are on the right track, prevention is much effective and efficient that solutions once falling into a legal battle. We help firms with advice and services that can save them trouble so that they concentrate on business.


36, Second Floor, Darya Bulvar, Noorani Street, Shahrake Gharb, Tehran, Iran

+98 ( 21) 88561727, +98 ( 21) 88562124, Fax: +98 (21) 89777020

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