Cathay Associates Zagreb law firm grew out of the legal practice established by attorney Franjo Benko in 1974 and the joint law office of attorneys Franjo and Danijel Benko founded in 2004.

In these forty years – working within the diverse political, judicial and economic systems that have been present in the country – Cathay Associates Zagreb has developed the knowledge base and methods required for the proper understanding, analysis and resolution of issues entrusted to our office and firm by clients. The team has created work methods that are in line with the highest domestic and international professional standards.

Year of establishment: 1974

Number of staff: 12


  • Arbitration proceeding following highway construction for one of the major concession companies in Croatia;
  • Acquisitions of major or important construction companies;
  • Acquisitions in the food and beverage industry;
  • Bid for mobile telecom concession for one of the major European players;
  • Counsel to a greenfield technological park project;
  • Management of labor and employment issues for all clients on daily bases, including large restructurings with several hundreds of employees;
  • Domestic and international tax consultancy related to major projects;
  • IPOs both in Zagreb and in London stock exchange including for the major local oil company;
  • Restructuring and insolvency for real estate development companies;
  • Counsel of the major domestic oil production company for many years;
  • Counsel to mainly international real estate development firms;
  • Counsel to companies holding queries and other mineral exploitation;
  • Counsel to various construction companies related to development and daily matters;
  • Legal counsel to development of two international hypermarket chains.

Awards and recognitions:

Local specialities in addition to our Key Practices and Key Industries:
Food and beverage industry


Danijel Benko




Trg Petra Svačića, 6, HR – 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
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